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Taxonity’s tax advisors finalize several dozens of transfer pricing documentation for entities operating in Poland.

Within these services our specialists analyze the activity of the company and the capital group, in which the company operates. This helps us to understand the business context of a defined transaction and we are able to identify the functions performed by the parties of the transaction, the potential risks that entities involved in the transactions are exposed to as well as assets involved in particular transaction.

During the project, we are not using only the Polish legislation but our project are based on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the best practices developed by our business partners from Western Europe.

In addition, we provide services of verification of transfer pricing documentation.

From our experience results that many entities prepare transfer pricing documentation in-house. This documentation, however - in order to be ready-to-use during the potential tax audit - often requires amendments and additional elements.

For entities that possess the transfer pricing documentation, Taxonity offers a service of verification of the documentation.

This service is designed to increase your financial and legal security related to transfer pricing..

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