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Corporate Income Tax

Nowadays, business management involves not only the management of operational activity and creation of business development strategy structures, but also, to an increasingly greater extent, a broad understanding of the management of finances and tax structures. Operating in many industries on many markets challenges entrepreneurs to implement complex solutions with regard to tax law, including regulations stemming from the law on corporate income tax.

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The lengthy provisions of the law on VAT (Value Added Tax), and broad and frequently contradictory decisions of administrative courts often cause the solutions applied by entrepreneurs to be based on ambiguous interpretations of the law on VAT. Value Added Tax generates nearly 70% of tax proceeds to the state budget, and thus its proper application undergoes repeated controls of tax authorities and treasury control offices.

Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax is usually associated with the annual income statement and business activity performed by private persons. Many enterprises (companies and commercial law companies) underestimate the significance of the optimisation of PIT-related solutions to their activity.

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Economic globalisation means both greater freedom of goods movement and creation of new branches/plants of international enterprises, and the necessity to settle tax liabilities according to various tax regulations.

Tax audits

The main goal of each enterprise is to maximise profits. While operating in increasingly difficult markets, they benefit from the assistance of many counselling firms which specialise, for example, in accounting and finances. Every enterprise must comply with many laws, including the law on accounting, Code of Commercial Companies or the law on corporate income tax, that impose reporting and registration obligations.

Tax and administrative court proceedings

An enterprises’ operational activity is closely related to tax settlements, and many a time causes doubts as to the application of the proper tax policy tool. This ends in tax decisions issued by tax authorities and treasury control offices that result either in additional tax liabilities or the disturbance of the enterprise’s financial liquidity.

Mergers and acquisition

The processes of joining enterprises into stronger economic entities and taking over previous business partners or competitors forces company management boards to seek business- and tax-efficient solutions.

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